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VNG research (Text Mining for municipalities)


This questionnaire serves as a 'checklist' about the maturity of certain municipalities concerning the theme 'Text Mining' (description in the glossary).
Please fill out this survey from your perception of the whole organization.
The questionnaire takes around 15 – 30 minutes.

For every question is asked to fill out the current situation and the desirable situation, this means:
- Current situation: How is the municipality currently dealing with different aspects of Text Mining? (your perception)
- Desirable situation: What is desirable for the municipality concerning Text Mining (according to you)


Text Mining Obtaining valuable information from large quantities of texts. This is done with the help of various ICT techniques.
Text Mining Maturity The maturity stage in which an organization is currently positioned regarding Text Mining. The first phases of maturity are not directly connected with ICT techniques but are crucial for the use of Text Mining. 
Text / Text document All sorts of documents that contain texts. Examples: Minutes of a meeting, policy documents, Social Media posts, notes of interviews (with for example a professional in health care instance with a client).
Text Mining Tools All tools that can produce an analysis on texts. Think for example of: R, Python and SPSS.